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The Comana Company prides itself on exceptional service to both Owners and Tenants as part of an effective management plan. Below are testimonials from both Owners and Tenants expressing their thoughts and appreciation of the exceptional service they have experienced as part of The Comana Company family. This level of satisfaction from both Owners and Tenants is a core value and one that what we strive to achieve each and everyday. For more testimonials and reviews please visit us on Yelp and Google.

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I met Alex through one of his real estate listings in 2010. From the moment I met him, I knew he is a man of his word who does what he promises. Since then, he has been managing my two apartment complexes in San Diego. I really appreciate his professionalism and transparency when dealing with maintenance work. Alex is also great at screening potential tenants.

I live outside of California. Alex makes sure to keep me on top of everything that requires my attention. He’s also great to connecting me with other valuable professionals. He and his wife have surrounded themselves with a great team to ensure they provide the best service to property owners and tenants alike. If you are looking for an effective property manager, I highly recommend Alex Comana and his team.

Ioan P.
Vancouver, Canada

After living at one of their properties for over 3 years, I can honestly say that Alex and his staff are professional, friendly, and awesome. They were quick to respond to my needs and truly care about their tenants. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Angela V.
Lemon Grove, CA

If you’re looking for a pro to manage your property, look no further. My wife & I recently left San Diego and decided to keep our house as a rental property. I was very concerned about finding someone qualified who knew the San Diego area well and found Alex’s Comana Company through Yelp.

I have been a landlord for nearly 10 years and Alex sets the standard against which I will measure property managers in the future. He is incredibly organized, completely transparent and takes the time to understand your unique circumstances as well as explain his company’s approach to business and how your property will be managed. He and his staff are efficient and have a well-established procedure for making sure that the property gets “rental ready” in as short a period of time as is possible, saving you lost rent. His management fee is very competitive and for what you get, a tremendous value. Other reviews have commented on the complete transparency with which your property and funds will be managed- I enthusiastically second those reviews.

In short, if you’re looking for someone with a deep understanding of the San Diego real estate market with clear, disciplined processes in place to make sure that your property is well-managed and profitable, the Comana Company is it.

David B.
Stafford, VA

I lived in San Diego for 6 years for school and stayed four different places. Alex was by far the best property manager that I dealt with. I’m pretty sure he is one of the best, if not the best in San Diego. I only worked with Alex for a year, but within that year he went out of his way several times to help my roommate and I. If I ever move to the San Diego area again I will for sure go straight to Alex. Thank you Alex!!!

Gabrielle C.
Los Angeles, CA

I have been using the Comana Company for couple years. I am so glad that I found them to manage my property. They are very responsible and efficient. When my old lease due, they help me find a new tenants and renovate the property just in a month. And also Alex is very nice and patients. he will answer your questions until you understand and reply your email very quickly. I feel comfortable and secure put Alex in manage my property.

Bryant C.
San Diego, CA

I am so glad I found Alex. The other property managers we were using did not respond promptly to calls and were slow to get work done. We still have to be using them for two other properties and I can totally see the difference. Alex, is on it!! And he is ethical. When I asked him to sign that the insurance work had been done, he made sure it had been done before he signed it. His office is clean and his staff are pleasant. He’s a nice guy.

Rebecca C.
Makawao, HI

Recently moved back to San Diego after being away for 12 years. Searching for a place to live can be stressful! Especially when you have a dog and are looking for a house in a nice area.

Meeting Alex for the first time to view the house was awesome. He was very accommodating, friendly and not at all pushy. I am a Director of Operations in the restaurant business so I put a high value on great service.

Alex went out of his way to show me the property on numerous occasions and made the process of application to move it super easy.

Highly recommended!

Guy C.
Aurora, CO

Finally, a property manager who looks after my apartment complex with the same care and eye for detail as an owner. We have had four property managers in the last six years and The Comana Company has been the most professional. Thanks Alex, Nikki, and team!

Dorinda G.
Alexandria, VA

I was about to move out of town and decided to rent out my house. I came across The Comana Company on Yelp and hired Alex to manage my property. As a first time landlord I was a bit nervous in handing my house to a third party but this has been a great experience – Alex is honest, knowledgeable, down to the earth and very responsive to all matters related to the house. They worked hard to take care of the little things to get the house ready for tenant and rent it out within a week of the listing – talking about efficiency!

Their fee structure is transparent and competitive compared to other companies I have interviewed. If you are looking for great service with reasonable price, try them!

Shan Z.
San Diego, CA

I’ve used Alex Comana at Comana Property Management for eight years. He is an excellent property manager. He pays quickly and finds long term tenants. Very ethical and honest. I enthusiastically recommend him.

Nowell W.
San Diego, CA

Last year my 20 year old niece was ready to leave the nest and move out on her own. Being the “cool” Uncle, she came to me to help her find a place. We looked far and wide in San Diego for something nice and in her price range. We looked at several rentals and it wasn’t until we found a place that was run by The Comana Co. Inc. that things finally clicked. We spoke with Alex Comana, whom I believe is the owner, not entirely sure, and he was very friendly and happy to help, and hopefully get her into the place she liked so much. She filled out the application and quickly found out that she’d be accepted as a future renter. She was very excited and we moved her in on the date Alex said she could move in. Alex also made it very clear that if she found anything wrong with the apartment, ANYTHING, to not hesitate to call him and they’d take care of any issues ASAP. So far she’s been in her place for just over a year now and her experience as a first time renter has been “perfect”. Her words not mine.
I was actually happy to come across The Comana Company here within Yelp because I wanted to let people know that if they’re going to be dealing with this company they can rest assured they’ll be dealing with true professionals.

Paul R.
San Diego, CA

There is only one Alex and Company. The family cares, they make my clients feel as if their home is his home and well cared for. I have long time clients who rave about the trust,care and management advise provided. If you are seeking management services, this is a great place to stop and consider.

Joseph L.
San Diego, CA

Been renting from The Comana Company for about 2 years now and they are great! I’ve never met a property manager as pro-active and fair as Alex. He has far surpassed my expectations of a “landlord” with quick and professional solutions to issues. AND he’s a nice guy!

Anthony C.
La Mesa, CA

Alex at The Comana Company is the best landlord I have ever had! I have been at the same unit for the past two years, and as I am looking to move to a bigger place, I am hoping to rent a different unit of his. He is an easy going hard working landlord that keeps his tenets happy and couldn’t be more accommodating. I would recommend The Comana Company to anyone looking for a great place to live, with fair prices and a truly caring landlord.

Celeste S.
San Diego, CA

The Comana Company is the property manager for my tenant based house. This is the first time I have worked with a property manager and it was by far the easiest and best experience I could ever wish for. Alex did not simply maintain a small number of improvements, but a full revamp of the outside and inside. It all went seamlessly! Tenants are happy, I’ll extremely happy, and could not ask for more. His experience and knowledge is priceless.

Joo L.
San Francisco, CA

I have only one property management company I recommend and that is the Comana Company. My experience with these guys dates back to 2005 when they managed an apartment complex for one of my commercial clients. The Comana Company not only increased the revenue for the owner, they also acquired better tenants. In more recent years Alex has been creating money for his clients, his formula seems to be based on a natural talent of knowing how to manage 1,000 things all at the same time and he has a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as incredible skills as a property manager. My only negative comment would be he is not much of drinker, so he tends to go home early, where I like to stay out late.

Courtney S.
San Diego, CA

I am in the military and I am away from San Diego most of the time. So I needed somebody to take care of my house. I’ve found Alex through recommendation from other top notch property manager which made me to feel confidence in his service. From making my house rentable, renting the house out and taking care of it until now, I can only think of two words to explain his service: Professionalism and Perfection. If anybody that I know in San Diego is looking for property manager, I will be more than happy to recommend Alex to them.

Christina P.
San Diego, CA

I desperately needed to do something with my rental house that had sat vacant and neglected for over a year after a lengthy and costly eviction. I had rented it out myself long distance and decided instead to hand it over to a professional company to manage. It was difficult trying to find help, especially not living in the area, but I was finally referred to The Comana Company by another property management company I had chosen but that didn’t work where my house was. Alex was absolutely wonderful in explaining the process, offering to do an initial assessment, giving me an honest opinion of what needed to be done, and quickly and efficiently arranging all of the repairs and updates, which were many. I was kept informed of the progress that was being made, the work was completed when I was told it would be, and my house was rented very soon after that. I couldn’t have been happier. I called many other companies in my search, and Alex was very professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and dependable from the very first contact and has been throughout the entire rental process. He really put my mind at ease when he took over, and I am very grateful that my house is in such good hands.

L J.
Livermore, CA

Comana Company, Inc. managed my LaMesa rental property for 10 years…in all that time, I went 2 months without rental income-that says it all..I moved out of state in 2005 and that typically spells “n-i-g-h-t-m-a-r-e” for a property owner, but not in this case…paperwork prompt, tenant problems negligible, repair costs very reasonable: no lost sleep here…I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a property manager or realestate broker.
Alex recently sold my rent house and I am delighted with how fast and seamlessly the transaction took place.
I just don’t know how my experience with a property management company could have been better…

Roger W.
Tyler, TX

Alex and his team are amazing! I hired them several months ago and the transition was flawless. They have an amazing accounting system that clearly outlines where every dollar goes. Nikki, who handles the financial accounts always emails me back before the days end with an answer to any question I have. Also, Alex is great with dealing with any tenant problems that may arise. I unfortunately had a couple issues come up but Alex was on top of the problem immediately and kept me constantly updated with the situation. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this team to anyone who needs a property manager or to someone who is selling their home. Nothing but amazing service! They are worth every penny and more! Thanks Comana Co!

Ashley W.
Dallas, TX

After managing our condo ourselves for the last few years, my husband and I decided to hire a property manager to relieve us of dealing with tenants. After much research we decided to go with the Comana Company. Alex, Nikki and Jackie have been great, very attentive and professional. A rare find in the property management industry. They quickly made all necessary repairs to our unit and rented it immediately. Anytime I have called or emailed they have responded right away. My husband and I both feel we have chosen an excellent property management company to handle our property.

Bonita W.
El Cajon, CA

When we retired to Arizona we decided to rent out our house in Lakeside. We interviewed several property managers and decided to use Alex Comana’s company. We can honestly say that it was the best decision we could have made. Alex is very professional, organized and knowledgeable about the rental industry. We were provided with timely and accurate monthly rental reports and received our rental revenue on time. Alex kept us informed of any issues and also maintained a very good relationship with our tenants. Once we decided to sell our home, Alex acted as our realtor and the sale went very smoothly. We highly recommend Alex Comana to anyone seeking a property manager.

Jacky S.
Prescott Valley, AZ

Alex and his company are TOP NOTCH. Read all his reviews. Comana has managed my mother’s property for 5 years has been on the ball in every respect. Need I say more?

Linda M.
Ventura, CA

I chose The Comana Company to manage my rental home on the recommendation of my son, who went to school with him. I remembered the younger version of Alex, and was certain he still had the focus, ambition and charm to run his business in a professional manner. He is very responsive to my concerns as well as the concerns of the tenants. I am confident my property is in the very best hands. And the best part for me is that I know Alex will deal with all the little and not so little problems that might arise.

Mary R.
San Diego, CA

I highly recommend Alex Comana as a management company for your property rentals in La Mesa. He is very knowledgeable, friendly, professional and quick to respond to both tenant and owner needs. He rented my condo within three weeks of posting the rental.

Sandra M.

The Comana Company is wonderful to work with! They have managed our property for 4 years. Alex handles any arising problems quickly and efficiently. We have built a wonderful relationship and feel he has our best interest in mind and it has been a wonderful partnership!

Erin C.
San Diego, CA

I serve in the military, and when stationed in San Diego a few years back, I bought a house there. Two years later, I received transfer orders and didn’t know what I’d do, or how I’d manage my house from a distance. Fortunately, I was led to The Comana Company, Inc.! Alex and his committed team took all my concerns away. Not only did they manage the process of advertising my property to prospective renters, but they also vetted all candidates, keeping me advised, and ultimately found exactly what I needed in a renter. They were so easy to work with, too.

Four years have passed since I hired Alex and The Comana Company, Inc. I have had nothing but positive experiences with them. I feel truly blessed and duly grateful for their high level of professionalism, their attention to detail and just the kind, caring spirit they embody as they work with their clients. I can’t say enough good about The Comana Company, Inc.. I recommend them without reservation!

Dr. Phillip Woods
Captain, United States Public Health Service

I own a condo in La Boheme in North Park area of San Diego. I had purchased that unit to “flip” but as the real estate market tanked I decided to put up the unit for rent. Since I am a total novice at the business of renting I decided to use a property management company. Comana company came highly recommended to me. After interviewing Alex Comana I decided to give them the responsibility of managing our unit. They have been managing our unit for the last 5+ years. We have had 99% occupancy, our accounting is kept straight, and is supplied to us promptly at the end of every month. Best of all, I don’t have to deal with the tenants and their issues at all. Alex Comana and Nikki are extremely easy to deal with and I highly recommend them.

Atul T.
San Diego, CA

Alex and the Comana Company, Inc. have provided wonderful service in every way. We highly recommend them. Our property was empty for over a year until we hired the Comana Company, within 3 months of assisting us in completing major necessary repairs that other companies were not willing to assist with, the house was rented. Alex is professional, reliable and a problem solver. I am so grateful we found him.

Kathleen C.
Oceanside, CA

I am an out-of-state landlord and I couldn’t have maintained my property from 1,350 miles away without the help of The Comana Company. The Comana Company has been managing my property for 8 years and during that time they have never missed sending a rent check from the tenant(s) who occupied my condominium. They have taken care of any needed repairs with reputable vendors, saving me countless hours of phone and travel time to take care of it myself. The monthly reports are professional and tremendously helpful with record keeping. They have also advertised and taken care of interviewing and signing renters when a vacancy occurred. I highly recommend The Comana Company to take care of your property.

Sheila H.
Temple, TX